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San Rafael Patch
San Rafael news, events, and deals, delivered straight to you
Peacock Gap Golf Club
Peacock Gap Golf Club is family-owned and operated. We successfully operated the 80-unit Century Theatre chain for more than 60 years, and we currently own and operate other businesses, including resort-style health clubs, a commercial real estate company, drive-in theatres, public markets and others under development.
In the Papers
Articles found in magazines and news papers about Peacock Gap...
County of Marin
All about the County of Marin
City of San Rafael
San Rafael is not only a beautiful place to live, we are also fortunate to have an abundance of activities, employment opportunities, and resources at our disposal. Seeking a City service but not sure where to look?
Marin Municipal Water District
MMWD is a public agency that provides high-quality drinking water to 195,000 people in a 147-square-mile area of south & central Marin County.
San Rafael Wiki
San Rafael is the county seat of Marin County, California, United States. The city is located in the North Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2007, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated that the city's population was 55,649
Point San Pedro Road Coalition
Our Mission: To promote the interests of the residents of the Point San Pedro Road Corridor by collaborating with local homeowner's associations and residents to enhance and preserve the beauty and environment of the area, ensure the health and safety of the residents, and to protect the peaceful enjoyment of the residents' homes.
Median Beautification
In 2008, The Point San Pedro Medians Committee, a committee of concerned area residents, was formed to address the beautification of the Pt. San Pedro Road medians - “Creating a Garden Passage Through Our Community”. The Medians Committee and Friends of San Rafael have joined together to solicit donations from community members to support the formation of the Benefit Assessment District.
Federation of San Rafael Neighborhoods
San Rafael has many unique and great neighborhoods.  The Federation's Steering Committee is comprised of leaders from a variety of neighborhoods.   Here's a brief introduction and links to their respective websites and contacts.


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