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Golf at the Gap

By William Braznell

Lois AndersonBill Braznell, a semi-retired journalist, speechwriter, biographer, historian, aviator, fly fisherman, and birder, has been "golfing at The Gap" practically since the club opened in 1960. A member (on and off and on again) since 1976, he has served as president of the Peacock Gap Membership Association, captain of the club's Men's Section (twice), and founder-editor of the Club's monthly newsletter The Gap--the latter since 1992. He and his Marin-native wife and golf partner, Judy Fleming Braznell, live in Larkspur.

Did you know? - The Devil Called it Golf



GolfIt's All About Golf!
Everything from upcoming events to current information about the Club's financial affairs.
WeatherWeather Report
Spring? What spring? A’way out here they gotta name for wind and rain and fire, but they don’t have a name for the seasons, leastwise not your typical Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. What we got here is three conditions...
Old Blue Makes My Day
An essay on the Gap's remarkable heron population.
Big Bird
Who knows which North American bird is the largest of them all?
HannahGeese, Your Partying Days Are Over!
Hannah, an eight-year-old Border collie, is an employee (Canine Division) of Peacock Gap Golf & Country Club in San Rafael. Bred and trained as a sheep dog, she was acquired by the club three years ago...
A Brief History of Peacock Gap Copyright 2003 by William Braznell, author of several books including An Airman's Odyssey - Walt Braznell and the Pilots He Led into the Jet Age. This informative narrative covers the early settlers and developers, then focuses on the history of the Peacock Gap Golf Club including golf tournaments and social events.


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