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The Lagoon

Welcome to the Lagoon section, a repository for the history of the Peacock Gap Lagoon with a focus on recent history. The documents below have some annotations - if you have a cleaner copy you would like to add to the web, or additional related documents, please write to We will scan your documents and return them to you promptly. In addition, all comments are welcome.




The golf course and lagoon were marshland and tidal flats until John and Erskine McNear built Pt. San Pedro Road then sold it to the County in 1894. The McNears used rock and gravel from their quarry to shore up the low spots. The County paved the road in 1934. At Peacock Gap there was open water on the south side of the road and marshes to the north. For more on the early history of this area, go to our History section.

In the late 1950's developers came to Peacock Gap with big plans - a golf course, which opened in 1960, a deepwater marina and beaches. Originally the lagoon was to be surrounded by apartments and have public access – which it did for many years - with water sports including swimming and boating. Currently there are 41 homes on the lagoon.

Plans were developed in conjunction with the City of San Rafael to convert the marshlands into the golf course and to establish flood management for the new community. Flood management was accomplished by excavating the lowest land as a catch basin, or flood retention area, and by directing rain and irrigation overflow from the golf course greens as well as from the neighborhood streets (water that flows into the street storm drains). All waters are directed into the lagoon, or catch basin, where they are held for recreational use. The City of San Rafael is responsible for discharging these waters into the San Francisco Bay via a pump station on Lagoon Road. The electrically powered pump was modernized a few years ago, and a diesel generator was added to provide power in the event of storm-caused power outages.

In 1997 a new golf course owner proposed to renovate and modernize the course, which required an environmental review and compliance with new environmental laws. Specifically, the Clean Water Act was enforceable, which restricts degraded water from being discharged into federal waterways such as the San Francisco Bay. Water quality standards were required by the California Regional Water Quality Control Board/CAL EPA to ensure that the San Francisco Bay is protected from polluted or degraded water from the lagoon.

Water quality and the relationship with human health and safety were key community concerns as well. Volunteers organized, collected donations, obtained grant money from Marin County and established community environmental educational programs. These grass roots efforts were successful in updating and improving the management practices of both the City of San Rafael, as operators of the discharging pump station, and the golf course owners, who own the land beneath the lagoon. The role of the lagoon/catch basin is now understood to support the San Francisco Bay environment, its wetlands and marine animal and bird habitats. Lagoon residents can now enjoy safe recreational access to these waters.

Below you can read the environmental reports and other associated documents that tell the story of local residents making a difference in their neighborhood.




pdf icon
Water Quality Management Plan for the PGGCC 2011 Nov 2011


pdf icon
Report on Action Plan to manage the lagoon through an update to the WQMP 12 Oct 2007


pdf icon
2002 Annual Report - Peacock Gap Lagoon Water Quality Assessment 27 Aug 2002
pdf icon
Peacock Gap Golf Course Best management Practices Update and Integrated Pest Management Report (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program) Jul 2002


pdf icon
Draft Lagoon Water Quality Management Plan 2000 21 Jun 2000


pdf icon
Review of 1997 Draft Lagoon Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP) 21 Jul 1997
pdf icon
Report to the Planning Commission / recommend adopt Negative Declaration, public comments 15 Jul 1997
pdf icon
Draft Lagoon Water Quality Management Plan 1997 24 Mar 1997


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