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The Peacock Gap HOA Median Improvement Project

Latest News

November 15, 2012 - Status Update: Medians Improvement Project

Nader Mansourian, San Rafael Public Works Department Manager, told the Coalition yesterday that the progress on the medians project was moving forward. However, he said that there have been delays due to various factors. Primarily they have been related to unexpected locations of underground utilities.

Recently workers cut an AT&T cable that was not where AT&T said it was, creating outages for several residents in the area. This has caused the project to move slower than expected to avoid future outages, especially during this upcoming holiday season.

In addition, it has been discovered that some of the medians only have a relatively thin layer of dirt over asphalt. It seems that when the roadway was widened and the medians added, the contractor simply placed some of the medians over the existing asphalt and added dirt on top. This has generated more work for the current project to remove that asphalt so that trees and shrubs could be planted.

As a result of these issues, the project is likely to go into January, 2013 before completion. Status and schedule can be found on the City of San Rafael website.

September 26, 2012 - Update: Medians Improvement Project

Median IslandThe PGHA president signed the next contract pertaining to the finishing work of our Medians Improvement Project…specifically as it applies to the median islands on Riviera Drive. With this milestone behind us, the installation of the beautiful plants and associated irrigation distribution system will begin very soon (mid October) slated for completion by the end of October 2012. Blooming flowers are right around the corner, just in time for spring!

The PGHA Board wishes to thank all residents of the Riviera Dr. area for their undying patience during this last year or so as the Board worked tirelessly to facilitate the finalization of this important aspect of our beautification plan.

Congratulations to all who helped to make this happen.

August 3, 2012 - Updates on City of San Rafael website for Median Landscaping Project
May 22, 2010 - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Marks Four-Year Effort

The ceremony on Saturday, May 22 marked the end of the first phase of the Peacock Gap Medians Improvement project and was attended by the Mayor of San Rafael and members of the City Council, along with the Board of the Peacock Gap Homeowners Association, the Medians Committee and residents.

Ribbon Cutting CeremonyMayor Al Boro was joined by Vice-Mayor Damon Connolly and council members Greg Brockbank and Barbara Heller. Also in attendance was City Manager Ken Nordhoff. The Mayor and PGHA President Greg Faulkner cut the ceremonial ribbon at the entrance to Peacock Drive to celebrate the private-public partnership that has enhanced our medians. President Faulkner stated that this project provides a blueprint for other groups that wish to partner with the City to improve the medians along Point San Pedro Road and at other locations.

Four years ago at a PGHA annual picnic, resident Hugh Campbell gathered support for the project, which was brought to completion by Medians Committee Chair Tom Loucks and Project Manager Mark Koenig. At the ribbon cutting ceremony President Faulkner thanked all involved, including staff of the City Public Works Department and Parks and Recreation, contractor Cagwin and Dorward, and early Medians Committee members Campbell and John McNear.

Apr 4, 2010 - Neighbors invest in communities to pick up slack in budget deficit

It's been a long time since buds bloomed in the city-owned median strips in San Rafael's Peacock Gap neighborhood, but they will this spring now that neighbors, with the city's help, have invested in the scenery.

Mar 8, 2010 - Construction Prep Begins on Peacock Drive: Work will begin in earnest on March 8, barring rain.  The Medians Improvement Project is underway!  It's taken awhile to get here, but we will see improvements soon.  Our bedraggled medians and entryways will soon be "up to snuff" and representative of our beautiful neighborhood, thanks to the hard work of the Medians Committee and to the homeowners, who voted for these improvements.

Feb 26, 2010 - PGHA President Greg Faulkner and Medians Chair Tom Loucks met with City of San Rafael Public Works staff and contractors Cagwin and Dorward on February 25th to review and adjust the project timelines. The Notice to Proceed was given to the contractor. The adjusted timeline starting on 2/25/10 is:

  • Up to 10 working days to prepare
  • 20 working days to complete
  • Then, 60 days of maintenance

The construction start date is now approximately March 8th. The first part of the project will be on Peacock Drive with some exploratory work on Riviera Drive. Crews will work from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM and will try to minimize impacts to traffic flow and parking. Surplus materials and equipment will be placed adjacent to Lagoon Drive when not in use. Additional workdays can be expected if there are last minute changes.

Feb 23, 2010 - Medians Construction Slated to Begin - The contractor selected for the Peacock Gap Medians Project, Cagwin and Dorward, signed the contract to renovate the medians and entryways on February 12th. The 10-day preliminary staging process will begin during the week of February 22nd with the first day of work estimated to be March 1, 2010. A groundbreaking ceremony will be scheduled: attendees will be President Greg Faulkner, Medians Committee Chair Tom Loucks, contractor staff and staff from the City Public Works Department. Rumor has it that City Manager Ken Nordoff and San Rafael Mayor Al Boro may also be there.

City Manager Nordhoff spoke with The Peacock recently about the project and said, "I am excited about the City-neighborhood partnership to reinvigorate the medians, and that we found a way to do so that addresses a long-standing need with a shared financial responsibility. That is particularly important in these difficult times. In partnership with the Peacock Gap HOA Medians Committee, we are able to improve the entryways and address a problem that has affected the people in the neighborhood. The Medians Committee involved the City staff along the way to help guide the process, and it was a true partnership. This approach can be a model that could be applied to other neighborhood groups across the city, so that services and community improvements can continue even in these tough budget times."

Jan 13, 2010 - Medians bids were released recently; bids are slated for return by Jan 20, 2010. The Medians Committee will have a meeting with the City when the bids come in, and a contract should be awarded soon. Check this site for updates.

Dec 17, 2009 - The Medians Committee and the City are moving ahead with the medians bidding process but some revisions were necessary, which required more review. Mid-January is now the target date for the bids to be in.

MedianOct 24, 2009 - Your Medians Improvement Committee recently met with City of San Rafael Public Works Department staff to go over the plans and get the Informal Bid process underway. The City is targeting completion of construction by Christmas 2009. City staff stated that the Peacock Gap Medians Project will be a model for public-private partnerships in the rest of the city in the future.

Oct 6, 2009 - MEDIAN IMPROVEMENTS COMING - The San Rafael City Council has approved a resolution authorizing an agreement with the PGHA to construct and maintain the medians in Peacock Gap. The Medians Committee has been working on the proposal for several years, and the City Council vote at a public meeting on Oct 5 ensures that the project to improve the medians at the entrances on Peacock, Riviera, San Marino and Biscayne will go forward.

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