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China Camp & Parks

China Camp State ParkChina Camp (Village) and State Park
China Camp is the name of a historical Chinese fishing village on San Pablo Bay, and is also the name of the large state park that surrounds and protects this unique village museum. While the fishing village has been a feature of the Bay for almost 150 years, the park is relatively new and the story of its founding pits a young suburban housewife against a giant oil company.



McNear's Beach County Park McNear's Beach County Park
Located off San Pedro Road along the shore of San Pablo Bay, the County's most popular park offers a swimming pool, tennis courts, family and group picnic sites, a sandy beach, lawn areas, snack bar and a 500 foot long fishing pier. McNear's Beach County Parks offers several large group reservable picnic sites for family, corporate or special event use.
Peacock Gap ParkPeacock Gap Park
This delightful playground is tucked at the end of an eclectic display of houses with varying architecture ranging from adobe to 70’s ranch style. There’s lots of space for your little one to take off and run which can be a good thing especially if they have been cooped up too long indoors on rainy days. Happily the toddler lot is fully fenced-in.


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