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San Rafael, California

The Annual Meeting is this Saturday 10:00 on Zoom

The Zoom Link is:

Peacock Gap C.A.R.E.S

Have you joined a Pod? Check out Peacock Gap C.A.R.E.S., an invitation to work together for our community benefit: Community Alert and Responsible for Everyone’s Safety. If you are willing to help others in an emergency or may need help evacuating, learn more at

What's going on over there?

We had two burglaries on San Marino Drive in August/September 2021. We want to make you aware of the conditions so you can take action to keep you, your family and property safe. We believe that if we all keep our eyes and ears open and take action if something seems off, we will prevent more thefts from happening right in front of us.

Learn more about recent thefts and how to keep your family and home safe in our neighborhood.

Let's Help each other in an emergency!

Would you be willing to help a neighbor in need? Or might you need assistance if we had a sudden call to evacuate from our homes?

Let us know how to engage you during an emergency

Learn more about our C.A.R.E.S. Community Disaster Preparedness.

Let's Keep in touch!

No matter if you’re new to the neighborhood or have been here for years, we are expanding our online communications and would love to include you!

Simply give us your contact information to stay up to date on the latest HOA news.

WildFire Safety tips

As we enter into another dry summer with high fire risk, take 4 minutes to watch this video with tips from the San Rafael Fire Department, specific for our community in Peacock Gap.

Marin Fire Safety Resource Links

Visit these resources to register for alerts or learn more about staying safe in Marin.


Inside this issue of "The Peacock"

  • Free Chipper Day, June 28th

  • Wildfire Home Safety

  • Marin Water Restrictions

  • Peacock Gap C.A.R.E.S.

  • Meet Your Neighbors


Mark your calendars, join us:

Peacock Gap Annual HOA Meeting

Saturday, Dec 4th, 10:00am

Zoom Meeting ID: 824 4939 9156

Call In Number: 1-669-900-6833


Please find information regarding the current board, board meeting minutes, HOA assessments and information within the governing documents at Our Association

Monthly Board Meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of every month. Please contact, or use our Contact Us form if you have any questions.

Questions about Architectural Review? View our guidelines.


This is a new section on our website that highlights current issues for our Homeowners Association! Currently, the Board is focusing on these issues:

  • Exemption to Wildfire Tax

  • San Rafael Sidewalk Repair Program (June 2020 Update)

View Current Issues!


Situated on the San Pablo Bay and surrounded by open space, Peacock Gap is a great community to live in! Take a tour of our neighborhood below!

Want a little history of Peacock Gap? View History


Peacock Gap bayside is a wonderful place to stroll, bike, walk dogs, kayak, windsurf, paddle board or just sit and watch the sun set.


In the center of Peacock Gap is the Lagoon. Bordered on 3 sides by homes and the northern side by Peacock Gap Golf golf course. Read a little more about the history of the Lagoon.

Peacock Gap Park

This delightful playground is tucked at the end of Peacock Drive. Fenced toddler area, public tennis courts, par course around the perimeter. Something for everyone.

Glenwood Elementary School

Our local public elementary school for grades K to 5! Check out their website.


Andy's Market is Peacock Gap's Local Market and has been a big supporter of the community.


18 hole course, driving range and local eatery "The Range Cafe."


China Camp is the historical Chinese fishing village on San Pablo Bay and also the name of the large state park that surrounds the museum. Hiking, mountain biking, campgrounds and scenic views are some of the features of this park.