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Peacock Gap Homeowners Association
San Rafael, California


Evacuation Routes Proposed by the City of San Rafael December 2020
The City of San Rafael has drafted an area by area evacuation map for the city per the following web link:

Evacuation Map Link

Peacock Gap is Zone 19 (Page 37 of 55) of that map.

Not surprisingly PGHOA (along with everyone else in east San Rafael) is directed to evacuate west along Point San Pedro Road. Given the possible bottleneck along Point San Pedro, the PGHOA worked with the Peacock Gap Golf Club and the American Red Cross in 2020 to designate the Golf Club as a Red Cross refuge site in case of a disaster. For more information on PGHOA's disaster preparedness, email us at:

PG&E's 2020 on wildfire power shutdown protocol for Marin County.

View the PDF Slides by PG&E.

Emergency Alerts

All HOA members are encouraged to sign up for emergency alerts from the following Marin County agencies:

The following link to the 1Hour2GetReady webpage is a great summary of local disaster preparedness information and programs:


The City of San Rafael posts notices about city services on the following social media websites: