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Peacock Gap Homeowners Association
San Rafael, California


The City of San Rafael has a new street sweeping schedule for our area! Peacock GapHOA is in two street sweeping areas -- 22 and 14. View the new schedule!


This excerpt is from Pages 4-73 and 4-74 of the current 2040 GP “Draft for Public Review”

The Peacock Gap neighborhood is developed with single family homes, townhomes, and the Peacock Gap Golf Club. The Golf Club, which is privately owned but open to the public, includes an 18-hole golf course, driving range, clubhouse, restaurant and pro shop. The neighborhood includes two City parks (Peacock and Riviera) as well as San Rafael Fire Station 55. The hills above the neighborhood provide a scenic visual backdrop as well as trail access to China Camp State Park. The community has recreational access to San Pablo Bay at McNears Beach and also includes Peacock Gap Lagoon, an aquatic area with native and migratory waterfowl.

Peacock Gap was initially developed as a master planned community. There is a distinct and open feel to the neighborhood that residents have worked hard to maintain. Other subdivisions in the vicinity, including Marin Bay Park, Chapel Cove, and Ridge of San Rafael, have similar characteristics, creating a cohesive quality that is valued by residents.

Other than upgrades by individual homeowners, little change is expected in the residential portion of the neighborhood over the next 20 years. Emergency preparedness remains a priority. Peacock Gap is vulnerable to wildfire and flooding, and lower portions of the neighborhood and lagoon area will be more susceptible to sea level rise in the future. Residents have also expressed a need for park maintenance and reinvestment, improved utility reliability, water quality improvements at the Lagoon, and improved vegetation management and hazard reduction. The future of the San Rafael Rock Quarry and McNear Brickworks, located just south of Peacock Gap at Point San Pedro, is of critical importance to the neighborhood. Residents should be closely involved in future planning activities (see pages 4-77 to -79).

Program NH-5.3A: Environmental Quality Improvements. Ensure that City properties and infrastructure are maintained in a way th at protects environmental quality, reduces hazards, and protects the quality of life. This should include maintenance of stormwater pumps at Riviera Drive and Point San Pedro Road, implementing best practices for reducing siltation and improving water quality in the Peacock Gap Lagoon, renovating and maintaining Peacock and Riviera Parks, and continuing efforts to improve roads and other infrastructure.


I believe many of us received a mail flyer on this or saw it on Nextdoor, but I thought it would be worth adding to the newsletter -- if it isn't too late -- a note about the exemption to the parcel tax for the Marin Wildlife Prevention Authority (MWPA) for homeowners 65 or older AND who have incomes below $111,550 for two people and $97,600 for one person households.

Basically it provides an exemption for these homeowners from the new Measure C MWPA tax that was passed last March. More information can be found at: or


Note (1) Exemption requests must be filed by 6/30/2020 to be effective for the 2020-21 tax year.

Note (2) Only one person in a two person household need be 65 or older

San Rafael Sidewalk Repair Program - JUNE 2020 UPDATE.

Here is an important update from the Peacock Gap HOA Board of Directors.

The City and the contractor (Van Midde Concrete) re-started approved projects in East San Rafael this week after three months of novel coronavirus-related downtime.

They started with a couple of projects on Peacock Drive. In the weeks ahead they will be finishing work on San Marino Drive and Riviera Drive, will proceed to Biscayne Drive, and then beyond. They will work their way from the Peacock Gap and Glenwood areas westward toward downtown in the months ahead.

The City will *consider* requests to be added to their project list. However, priority will be given to projects already approved. It is possible that additional add-ons to their list will have to wait for the next application cycle to apply.

The online application site is not accessible now, so if you are interested in applying or want to refer a neighbor, please contact Thomas Wong directly: 415-458-5360

Thanks for improving the appearance, the appeal, the safety, and the walkability of our neighborhoods. It is much appreciated.