Our Association

Peacock Gap Homeowners Association
San Rafael, California

Please scroll down this page to find info regarding Assessments & Billing, the Current Board, Meeting Minutes and Historical Documents. Any questions or problems downloading pdfs, email info@peacockgaphoa.org.

Assessments & Billing

The annual assessment per Lot is $130 and is collected the 1st quarter of each year.

Make your check payable to:

Peacock Gap Homeowners Association

Send payments to:

Eugene Burger Management Company

Trudy Morrison, CCAM, District Manager

384 Bel Marin Keys Blvd., #210

Novato, CA 94949

Any questions regarding billing, please contact:

Kaycee Hartell

707.584.5123 (Office)


Questions for the HOA Board, please email info@peacockgaphoa.org


  • Mike Wolpert, President

  • Catherine Newhall, Vice-President

  • John Harrison, Secretary

  • Larry Andow, Treasurer

  • Rosalie Weigle, Board Member and Architectural Committee Chair

  • Kerr Fellows, Board Member and Architectural Committee

  • Remy Schuler, Board Member

  • Daryoush Davidi, Board Member

  • Kimberly Arnold, Board Member

  • Jessy Hanley, Board Member

Monthly Board Meeting and Annual Meeting Minutes (pdf)

December 10th 2022

December 7th 2022

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May 2021 - Meeting canceled

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December 2020

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May 2020 - No quorum present

April 2020 - Meeting canceled (Covid)

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January 2020 - No meeting scheduled

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Monthly Meeting Archive - Monthly Board Meeting Minutes bundled by year (zip files)



Peacock Gap Homeowners' Association was originally registered as a Non-Profit Corporation and Articles of Incorporation filed with the Secretary of State on February 4, 1964.

Amended Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Secretary of State, Corporate Records Department, on January 1967.


Articles of Incorporation (December 20, 1963)

Amended Bylaws (March 2, 1966)

Amended Articles of Incorporation (March 2, 1966)

Resolution and First Amendment (October 24, 2009)

Amended Resolution (September 7, 2011)

Amendment to Bylaws (September 3, 2014)

Amendment to Bylaws (October 4, 2017)


Certificate of Amendments (October 13, 1966)

Assignment of Rights of Declarant (September 12, 1967)

Resolution (March 29, 2009)

Davis-Stirling Resolution (April 7, 2010)


Note: The CC&Rs have been scanned from old photo copies and the result is therefore rather poor quality.

This set of CC&R's for Marin Bay 1A has been carefully transcribed from the original 1960 CC&R's. Pagination has been maintained for reference purposes. The signatures, the notary info/stamp, and the official recording info/stamp are visible on the original scanned version of the CC&R's on this website. For any discrepancies between this transcribed PDF and the original CC&R's, the original scanned 1960 CC&R's shall prevail.


After a series of member surveys and informational meetings, this document was drafted in 2017 to modernize, refine, and consolidate the original CC&Rs. Adoption required "Yes" votes by all four subdivisions. The draft CC&Rs successfully reached the required simple majority "Yes" vote in three of our four original subdivision areas. A unique requirement for a "supermajority vote" of 2/3 "Yes" votes was set for the Marin Bay 1A subdivision because those original CC&Rs contained no specific provisions for amending the original document. 63% of Marin Bay 1A's members voted "Yes." However, failure to reach the 66.67% "Yes" vote threshhold resulted in the original, 1960-era CC&Rs remaining in effect for all four subdivisions and for all HOA properties. The Board of Directors strongly recommends revisiting this issue prior to the next CC&R extension deadline. This 2017 draft document is presented for reference only. The original, scanned CC&Rs above are the current, official, binding documents.